Developing. Together.

Our dream is that everybody can live their life to the fullest. That is why we are continuously in touch with wheelchair users to hear about the product types they need for different activities in their life. Through close collaboration, we develop, test, and improve to ensure the best possible products. And to empower you with freedom.



Thoroughly tested

Each newly developed Omobic wheelchair part is tested in focus groups. After the test period, we collect feedback from the testers and make changes based on their advice. This way we ensure that the components meet your exact needs for an active lifestyle.


Become a product tester

For Omobic components for active wheelchairs, we are looking for testers around the world to provide feedback from different wheelchair users living in different climates. If you would like to be a product tester and receive our products for free, please fill in your data below – and we will contact you.

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Customer Service
Zhang Jin Bing ( Cindy ) MBL China
Hong Hui Fang ( Judy ) MBL China
MBL Team member
Weng Xiao Ping ( Grace ) MBL China
Xiong Xiao Ping ( Petra ) MBL China
Guo Yue Qing ( Joni ) MBL China
Wu Mei Ren ( Shiny ) MBL China
Guo Mei Shu( Lena )China
Xie Sai Zhen ( Phoebe ) MBL China
Martin Bichel Lauritsen - CEO - MBL
MBL Team member
Andrzej Ptak MBL Team
MBL Team member
Zhu Hui En ( Emily ) MBL China
Ou Yang Jing Feng MBL China
Yu Xiao Hong MBL China
MBL Team member
Zeng Ji Liang MBL China
Zhang Jun Ling ( Johnno ) MBL China
Huang Qing Ling ( Icey ) MBL China
Anna Lee Ping - Sales Manager MBL China
Guo Qiong ( Jane ) MBL China
Pang Jin Chang MBL China
Malgorzata Milczarek - Marketing Manager - MBL Poland
Malgorzata Milczarek - Marketing Manager - MBL Poland
Kornelia Stus - Marketing Department MBL Team
Sales representatives
Anna Lee Ping - Sales Manager MBL China
Chen Yan Fen ( Diana ) MBL China
MBL Team member
MBL Team member
MBL Team member
Lin Ting Ting ( Erin ) MBL China
Mao Yu Ying ( Villa ) MBL China
Wang Yin Zhu ( Jessica ) MBL China