MBL Group - from mission to result


To design, develop, manufacture and distribute quality products within our business areas that contribute to improving mobility and the quality of life for people.


To be the most valued and preferred supplier by creating a long lasting partnership with our customers, based on loyalty, confidence, and reliability.


Creating value for our customers by following the “Supermarket” principle, by controlling the whole as well as controlling the details in the supply chain.

To be the preferred supplier and collaborator within our business areas by continuously designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing quality products at a competitive price, delivered on time.

To be the preferred supplier and collaborator by regarding our customers as partners we offer to develop and manufacture custom-specified products in close and confidential co-operation.

By being where our customers are or plan to operate, we offer a competitive and effective cost and logistics set-up from our manufacturing facilities in Poland and China, which have an optimal proportion between cost level and market price.

We offer a strong global intercultural “human capital” by attracting the best skilled, most intelligent and innovative employees and being trustworthy in our business dealings.

No matter what challenges or problems our customers might face, MBL will be a part of the solution as a flexible, fast-acting and professional partner.

We consolidate MBL by continuously ensuring that each customer does not represent a turnover share bigger than 5 % and each group of customers with the same owner does not represent a turnover share bigger than 10%.