MBL & Sustainability


In MBL we have a goal to reduce the overall environment impact. One of the steps is to change the use of industrial pallets into EURO pallets.

We are more and more consious that we only have one Earth and this sentence reflects on the strategies of many organizations.
In MBL we are also aware! Therefore, our goal is to launch a project „Produce & Protect” to mitigate our impact on the pollution of the Earth.

One of the steps is the change of industrial pallets type into Euro pallets in the supply of our products. The euro pallets are standard, commonly accepted. Moreover, they can be reused. So, they have no negative impact on the natural environment.
That is why we decided to implement new way of settling with pallets. We will start to charge for Euro pallets and wooden frames. It will be easy to get back the money by reselling the pallets to the responsible company. Our customers will also be able to reuse the pallets for your own purposes instead of buying on your local market.

What are the benefits?
• We care about the natural environment together
• You get money back by selling used Euro pallets

This is the first step to become more green! We are also starting to use recycled boxes as in-layers in our products' packaging. More initiatives in terms of sustainability are ahead of us!

Thank you for your understanding!

We are happy that together we will be able to reduce our environmental impact.
We hope you will support us in our activities!

MBL Eco - Euro pallets