New machinery in MBL


We develop our machine park to provide better service and wider offer to our customers. Check our newest investments.

Our production machine park has been expanded lately by 2 machines:

• Mitsubishi Fiber laser with automatic sheet loading system from Baumalog company
Fiber Lasers are the latest technology in laser cutting based on a fiber-optic laser beam guidance and characterized by high efficiency and quality. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve much higher cutting speeds while reducing electrical energy consumption which is more sustainable. The fiber laser is additionally equipped with an automatic system for loading and unloading sheets of cut material, which allows to maintain the continuity of the process, affecting the increased efficiency of the entire set.

• Rear wheels assembly line
Recently, we have invested in our wheel production with a modern line for assembling wheels by Holland Mechanics . The assembly line consists of three machines: a lacing machine, a stabilizing unit and a trueing machine. Automatic changeovers enable efficient change of the size and type of the assembled wheel. The line ensures the highest quality and repeatability of the manufactured wheels to the satisfaction of our customers.

New machinery in MBL