OMOBIC Haka - rugby wheels


A success achieved in association with the Polish National Team of Wheelchair Rugby. Rugby wheels are ready!

Haka wheels – How did it start?

The mission of MBL is "to improve the mobility and quality of human life". Thus, when beginning talks with the Polish Association of Wheelchair Rugby, we were wondering how can we help the players to activate them and support them even more, in order for them to be even better in the sport discipline practised by them. And we have got the answer: Manufacture the best wheels for us! And this is what we have done.

Thanks to being a technical sponsor of the Polish National Team of Wheelchair Rugby, we could observe the players while playing and talk with them about their needs. As a result of talks and numerous consultancies, OMOBIC HAKA wheels – wheels for Wheelchair Rugby were designed. The wheels made for the players, along with
the players! Today, Haka wheels are used by the entire Polish National Team of Wheelchair Rugby, provided by MBL. We are glad that we could help!

Polish Rugby Team with OMOBIC Haka wheels

What distinguishes Omobic Haka Rugby wheels?


The new generation of OMOBIC HAKA wheels. Resistant and comfortable in use!

• 24 thickened carbon fibre spokes (D=3,7mm)
• Pushrims – one of the strongest and the best on the market
• Spokes cover – recommended by the players
• Available in several fastening options – adjusted to rugby wheelchairs available at the market (1/2’’, 5/8’’, 25mm)
• Available in 25’’ and 24’’ size

Since there are two types of players in the Wheelchair Rugby, the wheels adjusted to their role
at the pitch were designed:

• Haka Defence – for the defenders. Designed to give players more control over
the wheelchair, while preventing to enter the rugby goal by the offensive player.
Special significance due to a lizard pushrim, which surface must be adhesive.

• Haja Attack – for offensive players. Their construction is to prevent to catch the player
who is riding with a ball towards the rugby goal. Thus, the wheels may not have
any protruding elements that could be caught by the opponent to stop the offensive player.

Omobic Haka Attack rugby wheels OMOBIC Haka Defence rugby wheels

How to order Omobic Haka rugby wheels?

You will find the item numbers of all OMOBIC HAKA DEFENCE and OMOBIC HAKA ATTACK wheels
in OMOBIC catalogue. The samples may be ordered at your representative in the Sales Department, by writing to them directly or to The products may also be ordered at our online shop! Feel free to contact us!

What is OMOBIC? These are high quality components such as wheels, front wheels, pushrims, forks, brakes for active users. More information is available here