OMOBIC - new components line


We have developed at MBL a new line of components for active wheelchair users and users with special needs. It is called OMOBIC! Learn more!

What is OMOBIC brand?

– a new line of components for active wheelchair users for everyday use, for sport applications, as well as special applications. The name of the brand comes from the English word Mobility – standing for mobility. Simultaneously, it refers to the name and surname of the founder of our company, namely Mogens Bichel Lauritsen.

How are OMOBIC components developed?
We want to meet the expectations of active wheelchair users to the highest extent possible. Thus, we derive inspiration from talks with wheelchair users who are in constant contact with us.


Apart from the components, we also desire to offer the knowledge and support to end-users to facilitate their lives.

To support building OMOBIC brand awareness, we will also add the OMOBIC logo on the products from the catalogue. The logo will be placed on hubs of rear wheels, on pushrims, on front wheels, forks, brakes, wheel bags, etc. And - for better recognizability - each item from OMOBIC catalogue has the name. 

OMOBIC  wheelchair components


Which products does OMOBIC's offer include?

OMOBIC is divided into 3 sub-groups:

  • OMOBIC FREE – components for everyday use for active and demanding users who wish the quality to go hand in hand with a modern design
  • OMOBIC PRO – there are the wheels for sport applications, such as rugby wheels, or basketball wheels
  • OMOBIC PLUS – a line of products for wheelchair users with special needs desiring to overcome physical limitations. Such as One-Arm-Drive system for operating wheelchair with the use of one arm.

Omobic components for wheelchairs Free, Pro, Plus
Under the framework of OMOBIC products line, we offer:

  • Rear wheels to various type of wheelchairs: super- light, wheels with carbon fibre spokes, off-road wheels, sport wheels
  • Pushrims, including those of a special shape and fitted in special silicone strips for easier wheelchair operation
  • Front wheels and forks with shock absorbers
  • Brakes/wheels blockade
  • Tyres
  • One-Arm-Drive system and many more.

The up-to-date catalogue of OMOBIC products may be found here