OMOBIC Tyres - for everyone


Gazelle, Speedlite and Trailblazer are the answer to the market and user demand for quality tyres for various purposes.

All of the OMOBIC wheelchair tyres have a puncture-resistant layer to ensure the user a safe ride. Each model offers different benefits to the user.


This is an ultralight and elegant looking tyre for users who often remove the wheels from their wheelchair and for users who are looking for a tyre with minimum rolling resistance.
OMOBIC Gazelle weighs only 205 g (size 24'').

The use of Kevlar bead wires instead of traditional steel wires not only makes the tyre very light – it also makes the tyre foldable and therefore suitable for taking along on trips.

The Gazelle tyre is furthermore built with a 15 mm protection belt made of tightly weaved nylon fabric (SPL) which provide a high level of puncture resistance.

Available sizes of the OMOBIC Gazelle are 24’’(24-540) and 25’’ (23-559).

Omobic gazelle tyre


Our Speedlite tyre is a very popular choice for everyday use - being both light, easy rolling and durable at the same time.

The Speedlite 24” tyre weighs only 265 g and is enhanced with a strong 15 mm wide protection belt made of natural rubber (PTR).

The Speedlite tyres are available in various sizes from 20'' to 26''.

OMOBIC Speedlite tyre


This type of a tyre features a thick tread which is ideal for more difficult terrain.

It owes its exceptional strength and puncture resistance to the use of a wider protective belt made of natural rubber (PTR) with an increased width of 18 mm and a height of 4.5mm, as well as to steel bead wire reinforcement.

This is a solution for active wheelchair users who enjoy town trips, as well as intense use of their wheelchairs, e.g. jumping out of the public transport.

The TRAILBLAZER tyres are available in various sizes from 20'' to 26''.

Omobic traiblazer tyre

The OMOBIC Gazelle, Speedlite and Trailblazer tyres can be ordered quickly via the MBL E-Commerce platform. More information about the tyres can be found in the OMOBIC catalogue:


You also find a selection of tubes which we recommend for use with these tyres.

What is OMOBIC?

OMOBIC is an MBL product line of quality wheelchair components. This line of products is developed for active wheelchair users with focus on performance and design. In our offer you find rear wheels, front wheels, pushrims, tyres, forks and brakes. More information is available here.