Rationalisations and investments


The manufacturing plants in Poland and China, the extension of the production area and new machinery is planned. Everything for customers!

Production capabilities of MBL and MBL’s technologies  

The surface of the manufacturing plants in MBL amounts at present to 24 000 sqm in Poland (including 20.000m2 – being the production area and warehouse) and 28 000 sqm in China (including 22. 000 sqm – being the production area and warehouse). In 2022, we are planning to enlarge the production area by 3 000 sqm in Poland.
Due to regular investment in the machinery and rationalisations of the processes, currently the following technologies are handled in-house: 
  • manufacturing of polyurethane and rubber
  • injection moulding of plastics
  • low-pressure and high-pressure aluminium casting
  • pressing, forging and machining
  • laser cutting of metal sheets and tubes
  • milling, CNC turning
  • 3D tubes bending and CNC metal bending
  • welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and titanium
  • hardening, metal heat treatment
  • assembly lines compliance with the Lean philosophy
  • textiles treatment: design, cutting, sewing, supersonic merging
  • production of moulds and tools – injection moulds of aluminium, plastics, moulding jigs, welding jigs, testing jigs
  • extensive testing resources
The newest investment in machinery
To meet the requirements of our customers, numerous steps were taken to expand and modernise our machinery park. In 2021, the following investments were undertaken by MBL:
  • Mitshubishi Laser with an automatic uploading system  – enabling for cutting metal sheet at various shapes
  • 3D tubes bending machine – thanks to which each tube or profile may be freely bent
  • Tilt and Lift assembly lines with a manipulator – a production line designed and handled by us in-house according to the needs and assumptions of the Lean program
  • 5-axle DMG milling machine – which enables to move item during the treatment in 5 axles
  • Robodrill – 3-axles milling machine