The first webinar of MBL


The present times require exceptional solutions. The first MBL’s webinar is behind us. Next online webinars and trainings are ahead. Read more!

Why webinars?

We wanted to meet our customers and provide them with essential information about MBL’s new solutions and products. Yet, due to the current situation, not all of them were able to visit the headquarters of MBL. Since the needs of our customers and their weal are of the highest priority to us, we decided to meet them online. This is how the idea of an online training emerged.

What were we talking about during the MBL's online training ?

The first webinar of MBL, held as of the November  25, 2021 was designated for our network of distributors. It covered the following thematic sections:

  • Liaison with distributors – the proposals of support to the network of wholesalers and the terms of cooperation were discussed
  • MBL’s E-Commerce platform – our new e-store was presented, that was developed for  MBL’s customers. It will significantly facilitate and accelerate orders placement. It also offers many other facilities, whereof you may read more here
  • New line of products OMOBIC – for active and demanding users of manual wheelchairs. More information on the new brand, you will find here

The lecturers during the first MBL’s online training were: Łukasz Stolarek, Federico Grando and Małgorzata Milczarek.

MBL first webinar

What next?

This form of training and meetings was encountered with a very positive feedback of our customers. We had a possibility of providing them with key information, and the Q&A session at the end of the webinar turned into an effective dialogue. We plan regular events of this type for various groups of recipients and covering various topics.

Should you have an idea on MBL’s free online training, please do not hesitate to contact us! Please write to: