Titanium QR axles


Quick-release axles made of titanium are the perfect solution for active wheelchairs. They are light and durable!

It is important for active wheelchair users to have wheelchair components that are as lightweight and durable as possible.

An example of such parts is titanium quick-release axle for rear wheels.

Titanium is in 42% lighter than steel from which axles are typically made. Additionally, titanium is a more corrosion resistant material and 3 - 4 times more solid than stainless steel.

In the Omobic product line, you can now find 3 standard sizes of titanium axles:

- 99 mm
- 103 mm
- 110 mm

Please note that, as usual, we are capable of producing other sizes should the above sizes not fit your needs.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department: sales@mbl.pl