You can now shop online!


MBL’s e-shop is now ready to use! Availability 24/7, information management in one place and reliability of data is available now!

Why do we launch an E-Shop?

We know that time is money. We are also aware of the trends that aim to transfer the purchases to the Internet. We would like our orders placement process at MBL to be easy and fast. Our aim was also to provide our customers with information needed for running business on an ongoing basis, whenever needed. Therefore, we have developed – our MBL’s e-store!

What are the main advantages of MBL’s e-commerce platform?

Designed for our customers, we have developed a Menu making ordering easier that divides products inter alia into MBL Line and OMOBIC Line. Whereas, the available filtering options give the possibility of quick narrowing of the list of products while search.

Use of our E-Commerce platform provides our customers with a lot of new possibilities, and what
is even more important – enables them for managing orders and avoiding mistakes.

The following is provided under MBL E-Commerce:

Availability 24/7

  • Stock levels
  • New prices
  • Orders and deliveries
  • Invoices
  • Complaints

Access to MBL ERP system in real time
  • Full integration between E-Commerce and ERP MBL system
  • Data management in one place
  • Information on all registered orders
  • All pricelists and terms of cooperation
  • All complaints made

Reliability of data provided pertaining to
  • stock levels
  • delivery time
  • prices

Logged in customers have also an access to available option of quick orders, thus enabling to save time.

MBL E-Shop

If you wish to get an access to E-Commerce MBL click here