Outsourcing to MBL

For a decade we have worked intensively with outsourcing of high quality products from different industries to our factories placed in China and Poland.

On each site our team of skilled engineers and project managers are ready to help you smoothly through the outsourcing process in a well defined structure. Our experience ensures that no matter if it regards taking over the production of components or complete OEM products finished in a box, ready to ship to the end-user we know exactly how to handle the process from A-Z. And if the product to be produced is not yet developed, you may chose to profit from our know-how and engineering power by outsourcing the R&D phase partly or fully to MBL.

At MBL we know that the process of outsourcing ones "life blood" is a delicate matter. To many it may cause the feeling of "loosing control". This is why we find it so important to work in close cooperation with our customers, and we emphasize complete openness and dialogue in the process as this is crucial in order to obtain the highest level of comfort and satisfaction for both parties.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries or request for further information. Or you can start by reading our “MBL – outsourcing powered by experience" where you will find a thorough description of our outsourcing management process.