Omobic Your move™

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Your wheelchair is about much more than carefully engineered metal and rubber. It’s about you. Your lifestyle. Your story. Your freedom. To make the perfect move.


It’s not just wheels. It’s how you move. With Omobic high-performance components, we’re on a mission to activate more people.

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Omobic product line

Based on decades of expertise and collaboration with wheelchair users, Omobic high-performance components are designed for active use. To empower more people with the freedom and joy of movement.

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Omobic flagship products

Supporting your move

Your move is our mission. To improve mobility. And to unleash your lifestyle. This is why we, besides producing components, support a range of initiatives. From sport and sponsorships to events.

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Omobic product development

We constantly work to meet changing market requirements and active users’ needs. By design and most importantly, by listening to and learning from wheelchair users.

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