Omobic one-arm drive systems

Product April 10, 2023

The Omobic one-arm drive systems allow the user to independently manage the wheelchair to any desired place by using just one arm.


The system enables the user to move the wheelchair with just one arm by fitting two pushrims on one wheel. The pushrim on the inside moves one wheel, and the pushrim on the outside moves the wheel on the other side of the wheelchair. It is, of course, possible to propel both pushrims at the same time.

Combined with our uni-lock brake (which enables the user braking the wheelchair with one hand) and a telescopic shaft for cambering, the user can be independent.

In addition, being able to moving the wheelchair independently with one arm has the huge benefit for the user that he/her can exercise his/her cardio system which will result in better wellbeing.

Important one-arm drive features are:

– Replacable pushrim
– Universal fitting adjustment adapts to various wheelchair frames
– Universal shafts adapt to any cambered wheelchair
– Wheels and shaft can be detached to facilitate transportation and cleaning.
– Elegant look

MBL offers two main kinds of Omobic line one-arm drive systems: the standard one and the one for beriatric users, which has a max load of 220 kg.

You will find all the details regarding to OAD in Omobic catalogue.

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