Omobic Optimum pushrims

Product July 18, 2023

Omobic OPTIMUM pushrims – loved by wheelchair users with reduced hand strength. Check the details.

Omobic OPTIMUM pushrims provide optimum contact for easier propelling. Most users with weak hands love them.

All Optimum hand rims profiles are available also with a 1,5 mm anti-slip coating which makes them optimal for wheelchair users with tetraplegia.

MBL provides few types of OPTIMUM pushrims:

– Optimum H – heart-shape hard anodised version – very light
– Optimum F – heart-shape with special anti-slip coating
– Optimum ZH – inverted heart-shape hard anodised version
– Optimum ZF – inverted heart-shape with special anti-slip coating

Each type available with splices or rivenuts.

You will find specific item numbers for different sizes of this product.

If you have more questions or you would like to order this item, please contact our Sales Team.

What is OMOBIC?

OMOBIC is an MBL product line of quality wheelchair components. This line of products is developed for active wheelchair users with focus on performance and design. In our offer you find rear wheels, front wheels, pushrims, tyres, forks and brakes. More information is available here.