Omobic Tensio Ray

Product June 20, 2024

We are pleased to introduce our flagship wheel, The Omobic Tensio Ray fibre spoke wheel. Built with a cutting edge spoke fitting method, to secure lasting tension of the spokes and the rim. You now have a choice!

Why choose Omobic Tensio Ray?

• 1 milion cycles on drum test
• Cutting edge spoke fitting method ensures lasting rim strength and lasting tension of the spoke
• Value for money – Our mission is to give more people access to quality and high performing products!

Feedback from wheelchair users:
• The 12 spokes and large hub makes the wheel easy to grab, mount and remove from the wheelchair
• Easy to keep clean
• Durable yet absorbant
• Easy to maneuver
• Good weight

Omobic Tensio Ray wheel - wheelchair user getting into the car

What do the wheelchair users say?

Read more wheelchair users opinions about Tensio Ray rear wheelchair wheel:

120 kg user : “The wheel is durable. A lot of force is put on the and nevertheless the spokes do not loosen”. “The wheel is, in my opinion, very durable despite the smaller number of spokes it has. It doesn’t delaminate at the joint of the rim”.

“Did very well in stress testing when jumping out of car. No cracking of rim!”

Piotr: “I used Tensio Ray on asphalt, cobble stone, ice, snow, concrete, grass, even mud 😉. The wheel performed very well”

Omobic Tensio Ray fiber spoke wheelchair wheel - wheelchair user during field testing

Stefan: “The wheels performed very well. Thicker spokes in the wheels look aesthetically pleasing, as well as being practical in terms of functionality (e.g. riding in wooded areas).”

Product options

The Omobic Tensio Ray wheel is available in 24” and 25” with black rim and with silver or black hub. Spoke colour black.

It goes well with other Omobic wheelchair components like:

• Omobic tyres Traiblazer and SpeedLite
Omobic pushrims: we have a wide range of options: ergonomic, with anti-slip inserts, for sports, lightweight, titanium
• TPU tube


Check out the product description for further details.

Omobic Tensio Ray rear wheel with Simi S pushrim side

If you are interested with the samples – please contact our Sales Department:

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What is Omobic?

OMOBIC is an MBL product line of quality wheelchair components developed for active wheelchair users with focus on performance and design. In our offer you find rear wheels, front wheels, pushrims, tyres, forks, brakes and more. More information is available here.