Applying with us

As we try to find the perfect match, we are dedicated to ensuring that it’s a positive and professional experience for all. To prepare you in the best possible way, we've detailed the various stages of our recruitment process below.

Submit your application


Our current job openings can be found in the open positions tab and on the portal.

Application review


We assess the submitted application documents, and the candidates who best match the position’s profile are invited for an interview.



The first interview will be held with one of our Recruitment Specialists. During this interview, we want to get to know the candidate beyond what’s in their application. Therefore, in addition to the traditional behavioral interview, candidates may be asked to complete tests to verify competencies, specialized knowledge, or personality traits – depending on the position for which they apply.

Following this first stage, preferred candidates will be invited to a second interview with the supervisor. The interview lasts between 30 to 60 minutes for production candidates and between 90 to 120 minutes for candidates for administrative positions.



We inform all candidates about the recruitment results within the timeframe set during the interview. This is done via e-mail or telephone.

Selecting the right candidate


Once we identify our preferred candidate, we send them a job offer. Upon acceptance, we agree to the start date with the candidate and provide a set of required documents along with the information needed at this stage.

The timeframe from interview to hire is 1-2 weeks in the case of direct production employees. Candidates for administrative positions should expect a 2-to-3 week wait to hire. However, we are flexible and take all factors into account – such as the timing of the tests and possible notice periods for candidates.