Leading. Moving. Growing.

Respect for people is deeply rooted in our DNA. In fact, that’s the way it has been ever since Mogens and Ingelise Lauritsen founded MBL — uniting engineering expertise and caretaking empathy. A generation later, we still put people first. In everything we do. And as a family-owned company, we know the importance of basing our business on a genuine care — for employees, partners, and users.


To design, develop, manufacture, and market quality products within our business area that improves mobility and the quality of life for people.


To be the market leader, as well as the preferred supplier, within our business area.

Customer focus and commitment


Our customers are our partners, and we believe that close cooperation creates synergy that leads to successful results.


We design, develop, and manufacture products that make a difference in our business areas, and we provide the competences required by our customers through highly skilled and enthusiastic employees whose aim is to meet our customers’ needs.


We are where our customers are. By having production facilities in Poland and China, we can provide competitive quality products with swift delivery times and a comprehensive logistics set-up. No matter what challenges our customers might face, MBL will be a part of the solution as a flexible, fast-acting, and professional partner. We treat all information from our customers confidentially.

Confidence in and respect for people


We manage MBL in such a way that everyone – customers, suppliers, and employees alike – no matter which position they hold, are treated with the utmost respect at MBL. Often better than they might be at other companies in the countries where MBL is located.


We are creating a strong, cross-cultural, globally oriented Company Group by appreciating, respecting, and developing the diversity of each MBL company and its employees for the benefit of all.


We are creating and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our employees by following the laws in the countries where we are located and by working towards obtaining European and Scandinavian standards of performance.


Innovation and work satisfaction


Each employee plays a vital role in the overall success of the company. Our employees are treated as resourceful human beings and not as machines.


Our employees are met with confidence and humor in a challenging and innovative working environment. Everyone is – through efficient decision-making processes, and knowledge regarding new production technologies – encouraged and motivated to explore new ways of improving our products and processes.


Each employee should feel like they are a part of the family, striving to support others in all aspects.

Financial responsibility


MBL will always work to continuously improve our financial performance and remain profitable by setting realistic goals for growth and value creation. We will obtain a sound financial structure and follow international reporting standards.