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Our story began in Finland when one of our founders – engineer Mogens Lauritsen – came across a special rubber that could be used for puncture-proof tires. 

When his wife – Ingelise – saw some samples back home in Denmark, she immediately recognized how this product could make a difference for wheelchair users based on her experience as a nurse.

This was the start of MBL’s dynamic journey to grow stronger together with its customers and improve the lives of wheelchair users around the world.

MBL History - MBL employees in Denmark assembling rear wheels
MBL History - MBL employees in Denmark
MBL History - how it all started - rear wheels assembly in Denmark
MBL History - Employees in Denmark

1988: Building the business


MBL was established by the Lauritsen family in Denmark. The first 18 months, MBL was a ‘garage company’. The attic of the Lauritsen family’s private home, as well as the children’s playhouse, were turned into small warehouses.

Wheels were assembled around the table-tennis table where local kids came to work after school. After that first period, the space became too small and external facilities were rented.

Mogens and Ingelise quickly realized that quality components were needed to meet the needs of wheelchair producers and end-users.

1992: MBL Poland is founded


After meeting a young Polish engineer named Marek, Mogens and Ingelise decided to start a subsidiary company in Poland to expand MBL’s assembly capacity and meet the market’s demand for quality and price.

With Marek’s help, the first premise in Piotrkow was rented — 50 m2 without heat, electricity, or water. After a few months coping with those conditions, MBL Poland moved into better facilities – an old supermarket in Sulejow. 

Due to a lack of infrastructure in Poland in the early 1990s, Mogens and Marek had to drive 60km to a post office when they wanted to make a phone call or send a fax. 

1994: From assembly to production


MBL purchased two CNC machines to produce its own wheel hubs at MBL Denmark. This was the start of MBL’s in-house production of wheelchair components.

1994 was also the year when the first complete rear wheel was made in-house at MBL Poland.

1998: Expansion into China


Having previously sourced components from China, MBL was one of the first Danish companies to set up production facilities there. This was a necessary and strategic step to keep costs low and remain competitive. 

A production hall of 1000 m2 was rented and two machines purchased: a saw and a machine to coil tubes for push rims. These were soon followed by CNC machines for making wheel hubs and machines for rim production. 

Building a business in China was a fascinating experience that yet again highlighted the can-do mentality of MBL’s founders. The first employee hired in China could not speak English, but he could write English and draw perfectly. Luckily, engineers can communicate through drawings.

1999: First complete rear wheel made in-house in China


At the MBL facility in China, the first complete rear wheel was made in-house. This was a big day and a true milestone.

Today, we produce around 450,000 rear wheels per year in MBL Poland and MBL China.

2000: Private label


Initiation of MBL’s private label complete products production.

We began MBL’s private label production of complete products.

2001: MBL Poland moves to present location in Piotrkow Trybunalski


MBL Poland moves from the facility in Sulejow to its present location in Piotrkow Trybunalski.

 Initially, MBL moved into one building of 1,600 m2, which was part of a larger area, including several buildings belonging to a sewing factory. 

 Today, MBL owns most of that area, including the beautiful main building of 20,000 m2.

2003: Portable wheelchair launch


MBL launches a full range of portable wheelchair ramps and polyurethane tires.

2005: Tilt-and-lift systems launch


MBL launches a full range of actuators, tilt-and-lift systems for the powered wheelchair market.

2008: Moving manufacturing out of Denmark


MBL’s manufacturing completes the transition from Denmark to Poland and China.

2009: Distribution of private label


Launch of direct distribution of private label configured wheelchairs to clients of one of MBL’s OEM customers.

2012: Rollator production launch


MBL launches complete rollator production.

2013: Ultralight wheel launch


Launch of the SkyLite ultralight wheels with a weight of less than 900 grams for the complete wheel with tire and push rim, enabling ease of transportation.

2016: Award and fundraising


MBL wins “Best Polish Investor in China” following its successful international expansion. Plus, Mezzanine Capital Partners invests €15m in MBL helping to achieve continued growth.

2017: The year of events


The year of 2017 was no quiet year for MBL.

First, all of MBL’s production facilities were recertified with ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Also in 2017, MBL launched its long-term care bed product line and opened its first warehouse in Pennsylvania, USA.

Finally, the OEM power assist unit’s production was planned and later launched in 2020.

2020: New partner


Invalda INVL – a large investment fund from Lithuania – replaces Mezzanine Capital partners with a 48% stake and enters into a partnership with the Lauritsen family.

MBL employee

"Over the years, MBL has touched countless lives. Among the many adventures, what stands out for me is the story of the dedicated, risk-taking founders who enabled fulfilling careers for employees and made it possible for customers to grow together with a team of people who actually cares."

Family owned. Family feeling. 

As a company rooted in family ownership, nurturing and support is at the core of how we run business. From our dedicated employees to our valued partners, we pride ourselves on positively impacting numerous lives.

Throughout the years, we have assisted aspiring entrepreneurs in cultivating their business concepts, encouraged innovative ideas from our committed staff and family members, and even witnessed shifts in generations where employees’ children also start working with us.

It all provides MBL and our culture with a special family feeling.


Our history - MBL engineer with production employee - Quality check