MBL Line

The MBL Line is an extensive range of expertly engineered wheelchair components, which can complete any manual or powered wheelchair – and that are built to last. Because wheelchairs are all about trust. The combination of reliability and functionality.

Manual wheelchairs
Manual wheelchairs

From a wide selection of rear wheels to carefully engineered head supports and one-arm drive systems—our MBL Line of components for manual wheelchairs has everything you need to get wheelchair users moving efficiently and safely through life.

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10 items

Back canes, back hinges, antitip systems

8 items

Front forks and bearing housings

21 items

Hand brakes, brake and/or release handles

35 items

Front wheels 4" - 8"

25 items

Other components & Accessories

9 items

Rear wheels 20" - 36"

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Powered wheelchairs
Powered wheelchairs

The MBL Line for powered wheelchairs includes a wide range of options for puncture-proof solutions, tires, and tubes. All built to last and ensure the user has a comfortable and safe driving experience.

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7 items


11 items

Tubes for powered wheelchairs

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Check also Omobic high-performance components for active wheelchair users

Your lifestyle unleashed. Your move.

Based on decades of expertise and collaboration with wheelchair users, Omobic high-performance components are designed for active use. To empower more people with the freedom and joy of movement.

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Rely on Omobic components.