Moving towards a more sustainable future. Together.

At MBL, taking responsibility for people, planet and profit has been at the heart of our business since day one. 

Over the years, we’ve initiated a broad range of activities dedicated to growing an even more sustainable business, all while taking responsibility for our employees, partners, customers, and the world we all share.


ratio of male and female employees at MBL China.


polyurethane production converted to environmentally friendly water-based material.


reduction in electricity used for heating.


free shuttle buses for MBL China employees to reduce their commute to and from work.

“At MBL, we have always treated our employees with respect, offering jobs with fair working conditions and a focus on good health. We have helped families out of poverty and supported families hit by diseases offering flexibility and empathy.”

Martin Bichel Lauritsen


Responsible production

As the cornerstone of our company, our production represents both our largest environmental impact and greatest potential to reduce our carbon footprint. We focus on five key areas: Waste recycling, energy, air, water, and materials. For example, all waste materials at our production facilities are sorted and separated to enable recycling. We have our own industrial wastewater treatment plants, while all production lines have air purification technology installed to protect workers. We are committed to reducing our overall energy consumption, and we only use environmentally friendly materials that meet the highest international standards (e.g. REACH, RoHS).

Respect for people

We are committed to providing fair working conditions for all our employees – no matter where they work or what they do for MBL. While the labor standards of our different markets can differ, we believe there are universal rights. We focus on four key areas: Decent work, good health & quality of life, less inequality, and charity. For example, we protect the health and wellbeing of all employees with safe and healthy working conditions (e.g. optimal ergonomics) and a universal medical care package. We also regularly review and adjust wages across MBL Group to ensure men and women receive equal pay for equal responsibility.

Economic growth, education, and innovation

Over the years, our growth journey has enabled us to provide more people with better opportunities. To positively impact our industry, market, and employees, we focus on three key areas: Responsible growth, education, and innovation. Our expansions into Poland and China have resulted in solid growth and reliable employment for hundreds of people – with more to come. We are constantly focused on providing education, training, and development opportunities for our employees. To help drive our industry forward, we continue to invest in our machine park and R&D department.