In solidarity with Ukraine

Corporate March 01, 2022

On the 24/2022/02 Ukraine was attacked by Russia. MBL stand with Ukraine in these hard times and supports. A few days ago, Ukraine was attacked by Russia. As a result of the war, not only military targets are being attacked but also private homes are being bombed and many innocent civilians have died. The citizens of Ukraine now live in constant danger and deep fear. In an act of desperation many mothers with children seek refuge in Poland. As a result of the war, one of the basic human needs – the need to feel safe and protect the people you love, is being violated. We must do our best to help them find comfort in this traumatic time. At MBL, we stand with the people from Ukraine! We do not agree on violations of fundamental human rights. That is why we show solidarity with Ukraine and support its citizens on various levels:

  • We conduct internal collection of gifts for refugees from Ukraine
  •  Our vans are available to coordinators of donation collections in Piotrkow Trybunalski.
  •  We provide packaging, which will help coordinators in segregating products.
  •  In cooperation with our customers, we donate wheelchairs to help refugees. Check this article
  •  We have offered our help and support to our colleagues of Ukrainian origin
  •  We ceased cooperation with clients from Russia and Belarus We are looking for more ways to help.

We stand with Ukraine!