MBL goes green – office

Sustainability July 15, 2022

Small actions and daily habits can reduce the use of natural resources. Read about the steps we have taken.

In compliance with the rule “Produce & Protect” in our operational activities, we take care of the natural environment and the necessity to protect our planet.

Therefore, we are introducing other initiatives and promote “green” patterns of behaviour. Over the recent weeks we have been focusing on activities that might be embarked on by white collar workers in order to protect the environment.

We know that small actions and daily habits can significantly reduce the use of natural resources which, after all, are not endless. In MBL’s offices in Poland as well as in China we have introduced the following simple rules:

1. We save the electricity:
– We turn off the monitors when we are not using them and our computers automatically go into stand-by mode;
– We unplug chargers when we are not using them;
– Printers are turned on only when we want to use them;
– We try to use daylight as much as possible without unnecessarily turning on the artificial lights;
– We turn off the air conditioning when not needed.

2. We save the water:
– We take care of watertightness of our water systems. A leaking tap leads to water loss of 1/3 of swimming pool;
– We use the dishwasher. We do not wash the dishes by ourselves;
– We boil in kettles as much water as needed at the time.

3. We segregate:
– In July, we are starting to segregate waste in our office. We are currently working on placing the containers in right spots to which segregated waste will be put in.
4. We save the materials:
– We print only what is necessary. What is more, we use double-sided print option;
– We use unprinted space of printouts for notes;
– We use black and white printing when possible;
– We reduce the number of office supplies to those we really use.

Those small actions and habits can do a lot. Keep in mind that taking care of the environment starts with ourselves!