Omobic compact air inflator

Product January 10, 2023

Please check out the new compact and lightweight automatic air inflator for rear wheels.

Your customers will love it!

Inflating wheels is a routine activity for all wheelchair users. However, it can be much easier and can run smoothly with proper equipment.

Since MBL’s mission is to improve people’s mobility and comfort, we have launched the compact and automatic wheel inflator to the OMOBIC product line.

Its advantage over traditional solutions are many:

– its small size (234 x 57 x 45 mm) and weight (430 g) that allow you to put it in your backpack and carry it with you everywhere you want;

– easy use, it inflates the air automatically. All you need is to press the button;

– no battery requirement. The air inflator is charged from a socket (Type-C input). Charging time – 2 hours;

– up to 10BAR inflating;

– its universality. Due to the fact that the set contains adapters for different types of valves, the air inflator has a wide range of purposes – it can be also used to inflate balls.

The above features of our inflator give you the possibility to basically instantly inflate wheelchair wheels from which the air have been released and provide mobility and independence.

Charging cable, inflating attachment with valve type and ball converters and users manual are included with the product.

Please feel free to contact our Sales Department for more information.

What is Omobic?

OMOBIC is an MBL product line of quality wheelchair components. This line of products is developed for active wheelchair users with focus on performance and design. In our offer you find rear wheels, front wheels, pushrims, tyres, forks and brakes. More information is available here.