Omobic wheel bags

Product March 25, 2023

Difficulties with transporting the wheelchair wheels are over. We have OMOBIC wheel bags in different types and sizes!

OMOBIC wheel bags are the perfect solution for wheelchair users for whom the look and functionality are important.

The OMOBIC wheel bags are intended for:


  • transportation while travelling. Wheels stored inside the bag will not be scratched by the frame of the wheelchair and will not be damaged during the transport;
  • keeping the car – or other means of transportation – clean when travelling;
  • storage of extra sets of wheels

Users of our OMOBIC wheel bags praise them for:


  • Waterproof material.
  • Sponge filling which protects the wheels from impacts.
  • Convenient pocket for quick-release axles;
  • The zipper is easy to hold on to and is designed with people with tetraplegia in mind.

We offer various models and sizes:

  • Bag for 2 wheels 24’’, black, 9311KG
  • Bag for 2 wheels 25’’, black, 9311JP
  • Bag for 2 wheels 26’’, black, 9311JX
  • Bag for 4 wheels, black. This bag has a special shape which was developed in cooperation with wheelchair rugby players – this model is very popular among them, 9311KK.

What is OMOBIC?

OMOBIC is an MBL product line of quality wheelchair components. This line of products is developed for active wheelchair users with focus on performance and design. In our offer you find rear wheels, front wheels, pushrims, tyres, forks and brakes. More information is available here.

Bagg 4 - optimized for 4 wheels
Bagg 4 - optimized for 4 wheels
Bagg 4 - optimized for 4 wheels