Support of the Wheelchair Rugby – Polish National Team

Sponsorship October 01, 2022

Since 2021, MBL Group is a partner of the Polish Wheelchair Rugby Union. Under the framework of liaison, we ensure a technical support to the players during the contests of the Polish Cup. Along with the Management of the union, several other projects are also handled.

Liaison of MBL with the Polish Wheelchair Rugby Team

MBL’s mission statement is: “To design, develop, manufacture and market quality products within our business area that improves mobility and the quality of life for people”.

Due to the above, the activation of wheelchair users who additionally do sports is perfectly marching into our strategy. Thus, in 2021, we decided  to undertake a complex liaison with the Polish Wheelchair Rugby Team.

This partnership is mutually beneficial for both parties. What does our liaison consist of?

  • ¬†MBL ensures a technical support during the contests under the framework of the Polish Wheelchair Rugby Championship. We centre wheels, exchange tubes and provide other ongoing repairs so that the game could run smoothly and without any problems
  • We cooperate with the contestants of the National Team within the scope of tests of our products of the new brand OMOBIC and other activities, such as unforgettable photo shoot.
  • In a close cooperation with the engineers and players, we manufacture wheels for wheelchair rugby for our National Team

We support the Polish National Team during the European Wheelchair Rugby Championship.

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