Ukraine support

Corporate March 03, 2023

Together with Mobilex A/S we are supporting Ukraine. This time a power generator and 4 pallets of necessary goods will be delivered to them.

The situation in Ukraine is still tragic. Our eastern neighbour still needs our help and we are very aware of that. That is why MBL regularly offers our support.

We are constantly trying to help our neighbours and not forget about the war.

Offering help, in any form, to the Ukrainian people makes a difference!

This time, we will donate a power generator worth 15,800 Euro.

As a result of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine, many hospitals and aid centres in the country are without electricity. We hope that our donation will contribute to improving the functioning of these units. The power generator has a power of 50 kW and has all required attestations and certificates.

In addition, we are glad to announce that one of our clients, Mobilex A/S, is sending more products to Ukraine together with our shipment.
Four pallets filled up with rollators, sleeping bags and other products, will help Ukrainian citizens in need.

The entire delivery will be transferred to the Slavuty Municipality in Ukraine through the Sulejów Municipality as a part of their ongoing cooperation.

Ukrainian flag

We are aware that there are still many families and individuals in need. We will not stop helping!
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