Xmas card drawing competition

Corporate December 14, 2022

Christmas time is coming. So…. we organised drawting competition for our employees’ children.

We asked children to create The Christmas Card. And we have received 30 artworks. Each of them was beautiful.

We were amazed with so many different art techniques used by the youht. 

But.. we had to choose the winner. To do this we divided the drawings into age categories. 

Please look at the results below:

  • 1 – 4 years old category – Grześ Sobański

  • 5 – 6 years old category – Maja Jeleń

  • 7 – 8  years old category – Zosia Adamus


  • 9 – 11 years old category – Natalia Wrońska

  • Over 11 years old category – Julia Szymańska 

In addition, there was a voting for the best artwork on our Facebook fan page.
The winner received the Audience Award! It goes to Ewelina Mądrzycha

Once again, thank you all kids for participating in the art competition! You all are masters!