Christmas traditions around the world

Corporate December 12, 2023

Every country has its own Christmas traditions. We have selected the most interesting ones for you.


Radish carving in Mexico

In Mexico, the vibrant and unique Christmas tradition of radish carving has been entertaining locals and visitors for over a century. Known as “Noche de Rábanos” or “Night of the Radishes,” this festive event takes place on December 23rd in the city of Oaxaca. Artisans and locals carve complex scenes and figures out of large radishes, transforming the humble vegetable into detailed works of art. The tradition has its roots in a 19th-century marketing strategy by vendors to attract customers to the Christmas market.


Caga Tió in Catalonia, Spain

Catalonia has a unique Christmas tradition that involves a smiling log known as Caga Tió, which translates to “pooping log.” Families bring this log into their homes in early December and “feed” it with nuts, fruits, and sweets until Christmas Eve. On the big night, children sing songs and beat the log with sticks, commanding it to “poop” out small gifts and treats.

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The Yule Cat in Iceland

In Iceland, there’s a feline threat lurking around Christmas time known as the Yule Cat or “Jólakötturinn.” According to Icelandic folklore, this giant cat roams the countryside during the holiday season, and it has a particular appetite for people who haven’t received new clothes before Christmas Eve. The threat of the Yule Cat is said to encourage people to work hard and ensure that everyone has new clothing for the holidays.


Gävle Goat in Sweden

Since 1966, the town of Gävle in Sweden has been erecting a massive straw goat as part of its Christmas decorations. However, the peculiar tradition is not in building the goat but in the repeated attempts to burn it down. Almost every year, vandals or arsonists target the Gävle Goat, and despite efforts to protect it, the giant straw structure has faced various forms of destruction. The ongoing battle between those trying to protect the goat and those attempting to destroy it has turned into a bizarre annual spectacle.


Kentucky Fried Christmas in Japan

Christmas in Japan has a unique association with KFC. Thanks to a successful marketing campaign in the 1970s, KFC has become a popularChristmas tradition in Japan. It’s so deeply ingrained that many Japanese families pre-order their KFC Christmas meals weeks in advance. The “Christmas Chicken” phenomenon shows the power of effective marketing.